3 Common Options for Braces

Teeth don’t always grow in straight – in fact, many children and adults can benefit from braces. Having straight teeth may seem cosmetic, but braces were designed to correct alignment issues that lead to improper oral health and further issues in the mouth.

There are several different options patients have when it comes to braces, giving you more variety and convenience. Let’s take a look at some of the common types of braces menifee professionals offer patients.

Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces have been used for decades to give dental patients straighter teeth. While individuals may have heard metal braces are uncomfortable, their design has improved dramatically over the years and they’re more comfortable than ever before. They also straighten teeth faster thanks to modern technology and research by dental experts.

Lingual Braces

types of braces menifee

Lingual braces are similar to traditional metal braces, though they differ in that they are on the backside of teeth instead of on the front of them. These can be used as an alternative to traditional braces and are just as effective even though they can’t be seen. In fact, the fact that they can’t be seen is one of the many benefits patients realize when they get lingual braces.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are growing in popularity as more patients become aware of the benefits of this orthodontic treatment method. Clear aligners are convenient, require less dental visits, and treatment can be managed using 3D models. Aligners are placed over teeth, much like retainers, and must be left on teeth the majority of the time but can be removed for eating and drinking.

Your dentist will know which type of orthodontic treatment is right for you, so it’s important to schedule an appointment and speak with a professional before making any decisions. Your dental professional will go over your options as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each choice so that you can make an educated decision.