Understanding The Purpose Of A Background Check

When we perform a background check on someone, we are doing it to see if there is any information on your public record that would disqualify you from a specific task or action.  For example, if you are a felon you are not allowed to be in specific areas due to the stipulations of your convictions.  When we perform background checks rochester ny it is not done out of malice, but to ensure a proper decision is made.  Failing a background check doesn’t mean it is the end all be all decision maker.

Custody and divorce cases

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A background check may be done in regard to the custody of a child or in the gathering of assets in a divorce.  If you say that you don’t have many assets or if you don’t own a piece of property, then a background check will help to bring this information to the surface.  If you were arrested for hurting your spouse or child, this background check will also show public records towards this as well.

Business Matters

When deciding to go into a business venture with someone a background check will be performed.  This check will see if you owe taxes or have liens on your property.  It will show if you have filed bankruptcy or something else that may be a red flag to partners or businesses looking to work with you. 

Education and qualifications

Background checks can also be used to prove that you have finished a specific area of education.  If you say you graduated high school or college a background check can show that this is true or false.  If you achieved awards or other information that can help you or hurt, you a background check can bring it to light.

The one thing about background checks, however, is that they won’t tell you everything about a person.  If you are looking for illegal activity for instance, just because it doesn’t show up on a background check doesn’t mean you didn’t do it.  It just means you didn’t get caught.